Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fred Savage

He just looks so square. This guy has such a cool last name and never did anything cool with it. Sad.


  1. Agreed. What a waste of a perfectly great name!
    Also, I find this pretty creepy.

  2. He didn't waste his good name. He just stopped acting, THANK GOD!
    But as a television Director/Writer he is one of the best in the TV Comedy business. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Party Down are/were the best Comedy shows on TV last year, except for South Park of course. Both shows have over 10 episodes Directed and Written in part by Savage.
    He has done a lot of bad stuff but I think he must be funny in real life.

    Cool blog btw

  3. Well, I did not know that. And so there you go!

    1. the wonder years without eyebrows